Who says life's third act can't get a standing ovation?

Lynn O’Hearn Wagner

Lynn has always had a passion for music. Throughout her elementary and high school years, Lynn participated in countless productions, and she even performed singing telegrams throughout Southern California’s finest dining establishments.

Though Lynn went on to pursue a business career, her musical spirit thrived deep in her heart, anxiously awaiting its next "curtain call." Years of successfully pursuing her professional business endeavors led to a decade as co-founder and president of a Southern California advertising agency with renowned clients such as Mattel, Shell Oil and Sony Pictures. But eventually it was time to reconnect with her old flame, music.

Several years ago, Lynn resumed her musical career, singing in a number of local concerts. Last Fall she fulfilled a life-long dream, performing in Weill Recital Hall at New York's Carnegie Hall. Earlier this year, she joined with friends Judy Whitmore and Bill Grubman to form ACT THREE.

Lynn O'Hearn Wagner